Activities & Attractions

There's a lot to do for the outdoor enthusiast. The Shahpura region has a rich varied landscape dotted with many man-made lakes, rustic original quaint villages and friendly innocent people un-spoilt by modernity. Long warm days in the sun and fresh air alongside lakes teeming with wild fowl remind you of earlier carefree days of youth. Whether you are drifting away in a boat surrounded by reeds, day dreaming on a comfortable charpoy at the farm, or just taking in the rural scenery, staying here will bring you the joys of "the simpler life of bygone ages".

Life is unhurried here. The days filled with sunshine, conversation & picnics, with lazy sundowners to trape the blazing sunset. Spontaneous excursions trace the history of the region through neighbouring forts and legends, rambles transform into safaris in the flash of a beckoning wing - the surrounding wetlands are a birdwatcher's paradise, tempting even to the uninitiated!

Bird Watching

With over 250 small lakes, Shahpura Bagh is a bird watcher’s paradise with over 180 species of birds. Activities include starting your morning with a walk around the property with a trained naturalist, private excursions to other nearby lakes in on of our vintage jeeps for a more evolved bird watcher, great photographic opportunities.

Fort Dhikola

A short 30 minute drive from the Bagh brings you to village Dhikhola, a quaint and rustic village where time has stood still. Visitors can explore the village and the fort owned by the family.

Excursions To The Farm

After a sumptuous breakfast go explore the largest lake, Nahar Sagar, visit quaint villages en route and relax in the shade of century old trees at the hosts 140 acre orchard farm.


The estate is surrounded by private lakes on 2 side. Spend the evening in a hand rown boat across the lakes filled with wild fowl, which swoop and circle in formation or simply float away, soak in the winter sun, pristine sky and water.

Temple Visit

Visit Ram Dwara, the revered ancient temple. The old city palace reveals the integration of Rajput & Mughal traditions in architecture while the geometrical symmetry of the baoli (stepwell) inspires a serenity that lingers.

Bullock Cart Ride

Shiv & Shankar (our resident bullocks) will happily take your around the estate and/or to the adjacent bazaar of Shahpura.

Visit the bazaar and local artisans

Walk to the village, stroll around the village with Omji (our village expert) and explore its rich, multicultural vibrancy and fascinating arts-and-crafts tradition. Also wander the local marketplace and view the unique goods on sale and how they’re made.

This religious/folk scroll painting is done on a long piece of cloth and the story depicted is sung out loud by the Bhopas (priest singers). The paintings vary in size from a postcard to 30 feet long canvases! Pravin, our local artist is from one of the last families that are keeping alive the dying art of phad paintings.

Yoga & Acupressure

Shahpura Bagh is the perfect place to slow down and unwind and what better way than with a guided yoga session at the pool/lake.

Relax and treat yourself with an acupressure session by the pool by our village expert.

Cycling & Tribal Tours

Cycle around the country side, through tribal villages and adjacent to many lakes along with our naturalist. Cycling tours are customised according to your liking.

Shahpura lies in the heart of Bhilwara, the district that is the origin of the Bhils, one of the largest tribes in India along with 7 other tribes. Travel to different tribal villages, the differences in their way of living (what they eat/wear, how they work, etc) within such a small area are incredible.

Interactive Cooking Lesson

Learn our royal recipes that have been passed down from one generation to the next. Enjoy a hands-on cooking workshop with handpicked recipes.