The Experience

With only 11 Luxury Suites set in 45 acres of garden and pasture, surrounded by two lakes, the working farm estate resplendent with trees of Neem, Ashoka, Peepal and Mango, is a very special and ultimately serene oasis. Holstein cows graze languidly in peaceful co-existence with peacocks, an entire menagerie of birds fill the Bagh with birdsong and the occasional blue bull and jackal flit silently amongst the woods.

Walking trails skirt the lakes, hammocks and charpoys are located at scenic spots to relax, read, meditate or watch spectacular sunsets. Go boating on the lakes, surrounded by hundreds of wild fowl which swoop and circle in formation or simply float away in our heated pool, soaking in the winter sun, pristine sky and water.

The 19th century Nahar Niwas, one of the two residencies on the estate, remains the family home, warm and gracious, offering the wonderful experience of traditional personalised hospitality, of being welcomed into the heart of an ancient lineage. Umaid Niwas, an eclectic mix of Gothic-Rajasthani architecture, was built as a manor for visiting nobility, and has been restored as a six suite residency complete with all the modern amenities of a premium hotel.

Our temperature-controlled pool went live in early January 2016 and is very popular with families and children. Our newly created private sit-outs for couples and honeymooners around the property and at Fort Dhikola offer stunning views in an intimate setting. Take a bike ride down our private cycling trails, or row across our beautiful lakes, as you take in stunning views of the countryside. From migratory birds to tribal settlements and ancient ruins, you’ll be charmed by your surroundings.

Follow up your bike or boat ride with yoga on the pool deck and our personalised acupressure sessions, which have proved immensely popular with our guests. Turn off your phone and let our avians do the tweeting. Birds at Shahpura Bagh are like family. Take a walk with our in-house naturalist for private bird-watching walks and expeditions within and beyond the estate.

At Shahpura Bagh, sustainability and social responsibility lie at the core of our ethos. Having seamlessly integrated Shahpura Bagh’s hospitality with local communities in the area, not a single guest is asked for alms as they stroll through the town, or cajoled into buying anything as they explore the market. Every guest’s stay contributes to the Sudarshan Rao Deo Trust which funds a variety of activities in the region, from rainwater harvesting to women’s healthcare, children’s education, and many other initiatives.